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Web And Social Media Content Design

  • Original Images and Typography:

    Custom Photography
    3D Product Illustrations
    Personalized Illustrations
    Branding Logo Design
    Custom Type Design
  • Interactive Web Storytelling:

    Brand Messaging Videos
    Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Videos
    Engaging Web Page Animations
  • Responsive Web Page Design:

    Mobile First Design Emphasis

Swipe through the images above to gain a visual scope of my content design services.

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Original Images and Typography

Designing a constant and high quality flow of social media content should be an important part of your company's marketing and audience aquisition. Original image assets can make your web site and social media channels stand out from the crowd. A brand's style can be conveyed with uniquely identifiable illustrations, photography and typography.

Case in point, I design custom photos, videos and 3D product photo illustrations for Montana Treasures, an e-Commerce store selling original, Montana-themed apparel, accessories, and home decor.

Contact RDI Studio for a free evaluation of your own company's image needs.

Interactive Web Storytelling

With video projected to take over 70 percent of consumer internet traffic by 2018, it has become imperative to incorporate video into a company's brand messaging.

The App Preview Movie is one such case of video brand messaging. RDI Studio game and creative services asset packages come with a wealth of content ready for your game or app's social media marketing campaigns. There are illustrations, animations, logos, sound effects, and win tunes that are begging to be placed in an online video add or social media post.

I create all of the digital advertising videos for RDI Studio and Montana Treasures. Let me know if I may be of assistance with your own company's needs.

Drive Engagement With HTML5 Games

With 'Instant Games', Facebook has integrated HTML5 games into both Messenger and the Facebook time line feed...launching what I believe will soon become an excellent way to drive engagement on eCommerce sites and Facebook pages. As a Facebook Developer, I design and develop HTML5 games for the Montana Treasures eCommerce site and its accompanying Facebook page. Drop me a line. Perhaps I can design a suite of HTML5 games for your own enterprise.

RDI Studio builds HTML5 Games.

Interactive Marketing

Interactive Photo Maps are a product I designed for Montana Treasures, an eCommerce site and Facebook page that specializes in fly fishing and all things Montanan. Montana Treasures supplies the photos and the Photo Map product locates them on an underlying Google Map. Now, when Montana Treasures shares photos on social media, potential customers, can use the free Montana Treasures branded Photo Maps to see where in Montana the photo was taken.

Responsive Web Page Design

Mobile devices have become the primary source of communication with consumers. Therefore it is necessary to create a consumer facing company's web site with a mobile first strategy. Responsive design techniques, like those found on this web site, dynamically resize and rearrange a web site's content based on a mobile device's screen size as well as for a traditional desktop PC screen.

I built the RDI Studio and Montana Treasures responsive web sites using a suite of off-the-shelf web development frameworks. Perhaps I may be of assistance with your own web site project.

Montana Treasures responsive e-Commerce web site