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Art Outsourcing

  • Illustration
  • 2D Animation
  • Character Design
  • 3D Models
  • Logo Design
  • Art Direction
  • New Game Assets Design
  • Well Documented Art Production Packages
  • Sound Design
  • Layouts Design
  • Special Effects Animation
  • Art Production Pipeline Definition
  • Flexible Art Assets Design
  • Vintage Game Assets Redesign
  • Art Assets Restoration

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Flexible Art Assets Design

I understand that, in today's world, art assets need to be designed with many platforms in mind. That's why RDI Studio games are organized and designed to be flexible. With my unique art production pipeline, art assets designed to be ported onto conventional HD screens can just as easily be reworked and ported onto mobile devices, as well.

Similarly, I understand that assets perform differently on different platforms; so, I will work with your engineers to provide the highest performing assets for your target platform.

Art Assets Restoration

If you are a casino gaming client, then more than likely you have an older game that does spectacularly well on its current platform. There comes a day when you will want and or need to upgrade to a newer gaming platform, however; and, you will want to carry that successful game onto the new platform.

I can completely refurbish any successful casino game that you may have, updating the art assets and art production files so that you can continue to make money with that game for years to come. In fact, I will bend over backwards to ensure that your new, vintage game really shines and conforms to the look and feel your customers expect.

Art Production Packages

I can create all of the art assets required to fulfill your company's game or app design ambitions. I will remain in contact with your team for as long and often as it takes to create a stellar art production package. Your art production package will include organized and well-documented art source production files (PSDs, animation files etc.), sprite sheets, sound effects, and bitmap fonts. And,I will work with you on reworking and sustaining your project for as long as you want.

RDI Studio delivers art production packages for mobile and stand alone games.

Casino Gaming Content For Sale

Do you need to get your social or land based casino gaming operation up in a hurry? Lacking those first games? For the casino gaming entrepreneur, RDI Studio has a library of off-the-shelf casino games, and gaming content for sale. RDI Studio casino gaming content includes everything from illustrated poker cards to complete game asset packages for slots, cards, and keno games (including par sheets). And, of course, perhaps later on, I can work with you on some original IP, as well. I want to make your business a success. So, please feel to drop me a line and make an inquiry.

RDI Studio's suite of mobile iOS casino games, for sale.

Gaming Content For Sale