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BlackJack with Las Vegas style rules pits you against the dealer in the ultimate game of 21. Practice RDI BlackJack, gain confidence, and impress your friends with supreme knowledge of the game before your next trip to Vegas.

Learn the difference between a "hard" and "soft" hand. In this game, the dealer hits on a "soft 17" and stands on a "soft 18" or "hard 17" or higher. The dealer will keep hitting until it has a hard 17 or higher. And, you, the player, gain an intuitive feel for when it's a good idea to "Double Down" on a bet or when to "Split" your cards…both valuable tools needed when you sit down at a real BlackJack game. Split your cards up to three times and who knows?...Maybe you will get the maximum and elusive 3 Split Win!

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Purchase in-App, advanced player credit packs and enjoy practicing what will soon become one of your favorite casino video games! Game Center integration means you can invite your friends to play or to tell them about the BlackJack you just Achieved! Or, use the off-line, personal player tracking tool to track your session winnings and poker hand Achievements.