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Video Marketing Zombies!

Posted by Todd Rivers (Owner of RDI Studio) on October 7, 2016

Content marketing for games and other products is one of the services I am pitching nowadays. With Halloween coming up, I couldn't resist digging up Pocket Brain Dead Slots, a zombie themed, iOS mobile casino slots game I designed and developed last September. It has a wealth of animation, visuals, and audio that are ideal for Halloween marketing.

Brain Dead Slots App Landing Page Banner

Currently, for a mobile gaming App Preview video (like the one shown above), I like to mix game play video captured from the mobile device along with animated interstitial sequences that I author in Adobe Animate.

Within Animate, I import a game video’s 15 or 30 second music file, which I have previously edited in Adobe Audition. On an Animate timeline, I lay down the music; and, then, navigate the Flash library to pull out any canned animations (special effects, logo animations etc) and lay them down in the timeline, as well. (Invariably, my art production files are meticulously organized and annotated; so, finding what I need takes seconds.) In the timeline, I can push and pull the animations to wherever I need them in order to ‘hit’ the beats of the music. Once I have the interstitial animations completed in Animate, I then export a SWF file.

Brain Dead Slots Game Art Production Slide

With the game play video sequences and the interstitials SWF complete, I can then edit the assembled files. Some games, like Pocket Brain Dead Slots, have a boat load of information to convey within 30 seconds or less; so, being able to quickly edit and mix and match files is very important. I prefer to use After Effects to do my editing. I have been using it for over fifteen years now; so, it has become very familiar and speeds up the editing process.

The video you see above took a little over four hours to complete…a process that I believe is fast because I use well organized art production files. I know my art production files files inside and out…even after not viewing them for over a year. In many instances, raw content resource management is as important as creating new content.

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