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Interacting With Montana

Posted by Todd Rivers (Owner of RDI Studio) on September 29, 2016

I run an e-commerce store called Montana Treasures that caters to clientele curious about living in or visiting the State of Montana. People who visit the web site or its social media accounts are attracted to an outdoors lifestyle embodied in the Big Sky State.

As a small business owner, one of my main tasks each week is designing social media content that peaks the curiosity of potential customers as well as answering questions that they may have about the State.

Social Media Content Marketing

With a long background in digital product design, I find that designing the web site’s social media content is the easiest and perhaps most rewarding part of running the business. Each week I task myself with selling people on the idea of visiting Montana; and, it’s easy when you can make a short drive from home and record content like this.

Within the last few weeks, I have been able to give Montana Treasures visitors another special treat. Over the course of the last eight months, I have recorded a slew of photos and videos of southwest Montana and collated them in a database. I subsequently registered each photo and video onto an interactive Google Map embedded on the web site.

Now customers and the curious can use the maps to relate Montana Treasures photos, videos, and products posted on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, to geographical locations within the State of Montana.

Hopefully, customers will use the maps to discover features and places in Montana that they would like to visit…filling out their bucket lists. Perhaps some, like myself, will even be prompted to visit locations on the map that they have never seen, fished, or hiked before. It’s a big State; and, there are lots of content holes to fill…I look forward to it!

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