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Content Marketing With Re-Animated Assets

Posted by Todd Rivers (Owner of RDI Studio) on September 28, 2016

Fall is here and soon Halloween will be upon us. I absolutely love this time of year. Nothing brings on more design and content marketing ideas than Halloween.

Late last year, I designed and developed a mobile casino game called Brain Dead Slots for iPhone and iPad. September was the perfect time to release it too…allowing me an entire month to design content marketing for a zombie-themed mobile game prior to Halloween.

Completing a mobile game often produces a large cache of illustrations, animated characters, special effects, and sound effects that I summarily catalog with the intention of repurposing, later. I find that repurposing assets from multiple projects allows me to rapidly prototype many aspects of a new product or marketing design effort, such as layouts, storyboards, and animations.

Social Media Content Marketing

In the case of the Brain Dead Slots game, I had all of the assets that I needed; and, I was able to rapidly put together some fun videos and marketing images for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Most of the content I produced can be found on the Pocket Brain Dead Slots marketing page.

Over the past seven years, putting together games, animations, and illustrations for RDI Studio has allowed me to build up quite a large library of ‘off-the-shelf’ graphics and sound effects…assets with a potential second life…assets that I want to share with you.

So, If I may be of assistance in helping you and your company with its own marketing and / or art assets needs, then please do not hesitate to drop me a line. I believe I can help you re-animate your own assets; or, I can dig up some of my own and breathe new life into your content marketing.