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Content Marketing…So, That’s What This Is Called

Posted by Todd Rivers (Owner of RDI Studio) on August 25, 2016

Since starting Montana Treasures, a small e-commerce business, back in February of this year, I have been reading a lot about online marketing trends.

Most recently I came across a couple of blog posts about social media ‘content marketing.’ After reading the articles; I came to realize that the author’s were talking about the very type of content that I have been creating for montana-treasures.com for the past few months…namely quality video and photos that entertain and inform potential customers.

I distinctly recall one of the author’s saying that content marketing requires a diverse skill set…No doubt. Content marketing for social media channels takes up a lot of time…especially if you want to do it well and still have time to design your own products.

I have been fortunate in that I have over a decade’s worth of games design and art production experience; so, creating quality video, animations, and photo compositions goes much faster than it would for most.

For Montana Treasures, I am also working on a ‘shoestring’ budget; so, I use a few social media channels (namely Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest) to distribute free content that hopefully drives people to the e-commerce site.

So far so good. I find that creating videos is producing the best reach. Videos are great because I can both entertain and inform the customer about the State of Montana while still incorporating images and information about Montana Treasures products (i.e. content marketing.)

The following video is a birthday card for the National Park Service. The NPS is holding a one day celebration in Gardiner, Montana on Thursday, August 25th, 2016. In the video, not only am I telling a potential customer of an upcoming Montana event, I am also discreetly advertising a 'Roosevelt Arch' poster that I designed for the Montana Treasures store.

Ultimately, I believe I am like most customers in that I dislike web page banner ads…I always have. For many years, I purposely avoided using banner ads on my own RDI Studio business web site because I thought it detracted from the site’s design. I find that content marketing, on the other hand, fits in seamlessly with the Montana Treasures web site and overall customer experience.

Today’s mobile customers are obviously looking for quality content; so, if you can find a way to blend your company’s marketing with entertaining and informative content, then perhaps they will remember your product, brand name, and or logo…sharing your content with friends.

RDI Studio is my creative services studio located in Bozeman, Montana. If I may be of assistance with your company’s content marketing or digital product design needs, then please feel free to contact me. I would love to help.