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Montana Treasures | Capturing A Social Media Audience With Video

Posted by Todd Rivers (Owner of RDI Studio) on April 28, 2016

Montana Treasures has existed as an online e-store for a couple of months now; and, it has become readily apparent that building up a social media audience is of paramount importance in garnering potential shoppers.

To date, Facebook and its associated channels, namely Instagram, has been the most productive avenue. The Montana Treasures Facebook page has over 1900 page likes and an active post reach and engagement. Of course, audience size and engagement only increases when the page posts are of quality content.

Initially, upon creating Montana Treasures, I began posting product images, Montana themed photos and blog articles. Recently, however, Facebook is encouraging social media content designers to expand their horizons with video.

Fortunately, I have been making a point of gathering video content of Montana over the past few years. With my background of designing, animating, and producing casino game trailer videos, I have been able to quickly produce a multitude of short, 30 second videos that I post on the Montana Treasures Facebook page.

The audience loves the Montana inspired videos too. Montanans share the videos with friends and family, encouraging others to tour and discover Montana. Fly fisherman love seeing a famed blue ribbon trout stream before their Montana trip. Hikers are the same…saving videos of Montana waterfalls that they hope to hike into someday.

Since discovering the popularity of Facebook videos, I have made a point of tying the online store’s products to the video content, as well. Upon uploading a video, Facebook allows the content designer to include a hyperlink to more content. I use the link to direct potential customers to specific Montana Treasures products that relate to the video. A video of the Upper Madison River may have a link to the Madison River decorative wall sign.

The importance of video content will only gain momentum as the year progresses. So, it will be imperative to select and retain a well-seasoned video editing professional to produce your company’s social media content. Quality content captures a social media audience; and, within that audience there will be a small percentage of motivated shoppers and buyers. So, obviously, you want to capture a large audience quickly. Contact me and let me know if I can help.