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Montana Treasures | Discovering New Product Designs

Posted by Todd Rivers on March 13, 2016

For the last month and a half, I have been busy setting up the new Montana Treasures Shopify stores for the web and Facebook. Simultaneously, I have been creating product designs that are populating the store.

At first, I picked some low hanging fruit and designed Montana-themed t-shirts. By low hanging fruit I mean that I found several t-shirt drop shippers that integrate with Shopify fairly easily. After designing and mocking up a new t-shirt, it takes a matter of minutes to upload the design to the store, set pricing, and make it live.

My first set of t-shirt designs incorporated a fly fishing theme and several well known Montana rivers, including the Yellowstone, Madison, and Gallatin Rivers. The response to the new designs was better than I expected, especially since I am ramping up the Montana Treasures social media presence at the same time. Needless to say, the store’s social media presence is in its infancy…There is a long ways to go.

One day, in making an Instagram, I decided to see what one of the t-shirt designs would look like as a vintage, metal sign. The response to the Gallatin River Gone Fishing sign was pretty good. I even had an inquiry from a Facebook follower who wanted to know if the sign design would be placed into the store.

I took the potential customer’s inquiry and ran with it. I searched for a domestic decorative wall sign manufacturer; and, within a few days I found one located in California. They were able to send me a prototype design within the next week. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. The prototype looked great!

I put the Gallatin River sign into the store the next day. The logistics for the wall signs drop shipper are a bit different from the t-shirt manufacturer; but, nothing too difficult.

It has been interesting discovering new printed products that I can incorporate my graphic designs into. The metal wall signs were definitely a fluke; but, I often find that deriving a new design is the result of combining experimentation with applied skills…just keep plugging away, mixing and matching pieces until something unexpected and wonderful results.