Invest in Better Gaming Art

Investing in better gaming art means investing in great art production files that you can use and repurpose for years to come.

Posted by Todd Rivers on February 18, 2017

Holidays Fly Fishing Gift Ideas

Montana Treasures is an online home decor and accessories store for people looking for something uniquely Montanan and representative of the State's favorite fishing

Posted by Todd Rivers on December 06, 2016

Video Marketing Zombies!

Content marketing for games and other products is one of the services I am pitching nowadays. With Halloween coming up, I couldn't resist digging up Pocket Brain Dead Slots...

Posted by Todd Rivers on October 07, 2016

Interacting With Montana

As a small business owner, one of my main tasks each week is designing social media content that peaks the curiosity of potential customers as well as answering questions that they may have about the State.

Posted by Todd Rivers on September 29, 2016

Content Marketing With Re-Animated Assets

Fall is here and soon Halloween will be upon us. I absolutely love this time of year. Nothing brings on more design and content marketing ideas than Halloween.

Posted by Todd Rivers on September 28, 2016

Why I Love To Design Content and Content Marketing

Today, I see programming games, gaming algorithms, and user interfaces as a means to an end…The ‘end’ being the presentation of quality content.

Posted by Todd Rivers on September 23, 2016

Content Marketing…So, That’s What This Is Called

Since starting Montana Treasures, a small e-commerce business, back in February of this year, I have been reading a lot about online marketing trends.

Posted by Todd Rivers on August 25, 2016

Montana Treasures | Capturing A Social Media Audience With Video

Initially, upon creating Montana Treasures, I began posting product images, Montana themed photos and blog articles. Recently, however, Facebook is encouraging social media content designers to expand their horizons with video.

Posted by Todd Rivers on April 28, 2016

Montana Treasures | Discovering New Product Designs

For the last month and a half, I have been busy setting up the new Montana Treasures Shopify stores for the web and Facebook. Simultaneously, I have been creating product designs that are populating the store.

Posted by Todd Rivers on March 13, 2016

A New Montana Treasures Web Site And Store

I spent the last week pouring over Shopify documents and designing the new Montana Treasures web site. It took a couple of days messing around with Shopify’s ‘Liquid’ web site development tools; but, today, I was able to release the site.

Posted by Todd Rivers on March 07, 2016

A New Montana Treasures Facebook Store

Over the past few weeks, I added Montana Treasures as an RDI Studio satellite business. It's a Facebook store selling printed products that cater to outdoors enthusiasts and people who love the State of Montana.

Posted by Todd Rivers on February 07, 2016

Three C's of Working as a Remote Designer

If design is an expression of an individual’s and/or a team’s collective experience, then, in today’s world, great design can be created anywhere and by anyone...reliant upon three important factors: collaboration, creativity, and communication...

Posted by Todd Rivers on November 20, 2015